Put heart into giving

Many generous philanthropists find themselves with a giving dilemma. You want to make a difference in the world. You may have established a foundation or donor-advised fund with the help and advice of a trusted wealth advisor, but now you are just going through the motions of making yearly donations to causes without any strategy or plan in place, and often giving to charities you don’t much care about or believe in.

But charitable giving does not have to be this way. Janice Loomer Margolis is a philanthropy advisor who believes that giving can and should be a positive, engaging and impactful experience—one that aligns with the values, priorities and culture of donors and their families. 

After more than three decades working in the charitable sector, doing both fundraising and estate planning, Janice has come to understand that conscious, purposeful giving is founded on articulated values, a clear vision and mission, a practical plan and defined outcomes. 

Janice uses her unique combination of fundraising, organization, leadership and facilitation expertise to work with high net-worth individuals, couples and families to develop a plan to make your giving meaningful, rewarding and effective. 



Find your giving style

Philanthropy is a personal undertaking. Janice understands it is a privilege to be invited to become an entrusted member of a client’s team of advisors. As such, she builds relationships with her clients based on trust, confidentiality and mutual respect. 

She understands that each client is unique. Her unbiased approach means that you are always in the driver’s seat in terms of defining your values and determining the kinds of organizations and projects to support. During this process Janice acts as a guide who uses her vast experience, expertise and passion for philanthropy to help direct you on your giving journey. 

As someone who has held senior roles in a number of charities in various sectors in the not-for-profit world, Janice shares with her clients a thorough understanding of how these organizations operate–including charitable governance practices, charitable law and internal administrative practices. She gives you the tools to assess, shape and evaluate your giving partnerships from an informed position.

Janice folds seamlessly into your giving team. She works with individuals, couples and families to develop customized, relevant giving plans and is always available to consult with the professionals you trust to manage your business and financial decisions, such as lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, family enterprise advisors and others.


Align your giving goals

Janice’s specialty is building consensus—whether that is within families or between donors and recipient organizations. 

Her approach encourages family members to become comfortable in the role of active participants in the philanthropy process so they can feel good about the impact of their gifts. She uses a collaborative process to help everyone involved understand and respect their individual and shared values and then project those values in your giving plan.

She also provides you with the knowledge and strategies to communicate constructively with recipient organizations so that everyone is on the same page about the expected uses and desired outcomes of any particular gift.


Create a giving plan

You are a generous philanthropist committed to improving the world and creating a culture of giving for your family. You may have a foundation or donor-advised fund. Now, you need a plan. 

When you work with Janice, the first step is to determine the common values that shape your decisions. 

Your values form the basis of a vision and mission for your philanthropy; they guide you as you create a practical and customized, flexible giving plan that meets your particular needs, aligns with your goals and helps you create the kind of change you want to see in the world.

Janice works with you to design your plan and provides you with the tools to implement it, including models and criteria for evaluating requests and customized proposal forms that streamline the process based on your philanthropic objectives. The plan always takes into account the amount of time you and your family have to devote to charitable endeavours.  

Janice gives you techniques to not only determine the desired outcomes of your philanthropy, but to ensure recipient organizations are aware of your expectations and are committed to regularly updating you on their progress.

Janice’s process leaves you with a personalized framework for charitable giving so you can easily make thoughtful decisions that have an important impact on the world, your family, and the causes that align best with your objectives.